23 Oct

Writing conferences »

“Writing conferences are one of my favourite parts of the day. These 3 students are working on making an interesting beginning to their ‘Space Story’.

23 Oct

Silk worms have hatched! »

Wow, it is silk worm moth hatching time. The children love to visit the hatchlings.

24 May

School Tour »

The next school tour will take place on Wednesday June 19th at 9.30am.
Meet Bec in the front office (at the top of the stairs) at 9.30.

28 Mar

Ride to school day »

What an incredible ride to school day we had! So many bikes and scooters, with wonderful decorations.

07 Feb

A new school! »

We are absolutely delighted with our new learning areas.

20 Aug


The Rathdowne Learning Area students take part in ‘Mindful Mondays’ each week, starting the week bringing awareness to their minds and bodies.

17 Aug

Science Fun »

Here are some images of the great things that have been happening in science recently. The spheros are a big hit with the Drummond Learning Area students.

14 Jun

Bike Ed »

During the bike ed program students learn bike safety and riding skills over five weeks. The program culminates with in a ride to the park where skills can be practiced.

17 Apr

In the media »

Bright futures for kids in Carlton

05 Mar

Carlton Primary School Redevelopment »

Here is some information about what the City of Melbourne are contributing to the redevelopment of the Carlton Primary School site.