05 Mar

Carlton Primary School Redevelopment »

Here is some information about what the City of Melbourne are contributing to the redevelopment of the Carlton Primary School site.

31 Oct

Prep transition sessions »

All of our 2018 preps are invited to attend eight transition sessions at school.

07 Sep

School Redevelopment »

We are so excited about our school’s redevelopment, finally we will have the building that reflects the incredible learning and student growth that happens inside the building.

17 Oct

After school care is coming »

We are excited to let our school community know that we will be having after school care as an option for families, starting term 1, 2017.

08 Sep

A new school »

We are very excited about all the plans for our school.

12 Aug

Mini Olympics »

What a fantastic Mini Olympics we had at Carlton Primary School! On Friday August 12th the whole school participated in the Mini Olympics.

02 Aug

Carlton Farmers Market »

Upcoming markets, don’t miss out! Find out more at the Melbourne Farmers Markets website.

29 Jul

Carlton Primary Scientists »

A group of Carlton Primary Scientists went hunting for things that are ALIVE out in the playground. They had great success and found 19 different animals and lots of plants too.

26 Jul

Creative dance »

Anna Baker teaches Creative Dance to the younger students at Carlton Primary School. Creative Dance is a subtle blend of contemporary dance and yoga.

12 Feb

Bike Education »

Bike Education starts on Monday 15th Feb. Bring your bike and helmet if you have them, or use one of the school bikes.