About Community Learning

About Community Learning

Carlton Primary Community Learning is a project focused on using the school as a community facility. It is supported by Carlton Primary School, the City of Melbourne and Drummond street services, and aims to tackle the issue of lack of community space in Carlton, while enabling parent and community engagement with the school.

The school hosts a variety of users accessing a range of lifelong learning opportunities including:

Sewing Class

  • Homework Club
  • Women’s sewing groups
  • Playgroups
  • Parenting groups
  • Men’s groups

The school also hosts the Sorghum Sisters, a catering enterprise run by Adult Multicultural Education Services.

The school sees approximately 200 users each week across all the programs. The school is also open and available to the community for more informal, social events, which help to cement community relations and enhance connectedness to community. Contact us to access our programs and facilities.