CPS Run Professional Learning

CPS Run Professional Learning

We deliver training to schools and other organisations about Trauma Informed Practice in Education and Supporting Speech and Language.

Rebecca Harris is our Student Wellbeing Coordinator, and is the lead on our trauma-Informed practice at Carlton Primary. Rebecca produced a guide to trauma-informed work in schools, which you can find HERE. She has been delivering professional learning on the topic for a number of years, and comes to you with the science of trauma in plain English, the evidence base, and the practical skills for schools. Rebecca works supporting students’ tricky behaviours, and presents with lots of real life examples, along with compassion, understanding, practical advice, and honest conversation.

You can Contact us to get in touch with Rebecca to ask about professional learning sessions.

Vanessa Basilone is a Speech and Language Pathologist working at Carlton Primary. She has also worked for the Department of Education’s Regional Student Support Services. She regularly runs professional learning, supports teachers in regard to whole class and individual student support, and also takes groups and individuals for intervention. Vanessa is available to run professional learning on a range of evidence-based language and literacy supports and interventions including Explicit Teaching; what it means to have a language disorder; working memory, and building oral language.

Contact us to get in touch with Vanessa to ask about professional learning sessions.