A letter from the principal about Covid-19

A letter from the principal about Covid-19

April 13th 2020

Dear Carlton Primary School community,

When I walked into the school back in 2006, for what I thought was a short term acting principal placement, I had no idea that I would become so attached to the community and that I would end up spending so much of my professional life here!

After such a long time at Carlton Primary and more than thirty years working in a number of other schools and educational settings, I have never experienced a period like now, that has brought so many changes and challenges to our profession.

There is no doubt that the coming weeks and months are going to be a huge learning curve for all of us; kids, parents and school staff, as we navigate a new way of teaching and learning. We’ve been working hard over the holidays to ensure that the transition to this new way of learning is as smooth as it can be. I would ask you to be patient as we work through the demands and obstacles that all schools are facing. We won’t always get it right but we will be adapting, refining and improving things as we receive your feedback and learn what works best.

Please know too that the flexible and remote learning won’t look like a normal day at school. We simply can’t replicate the classroom experience for your children. Lessons will be short and open ended. Our main aim, at least in these first few weeks, is to give your children a sense of security and connection to their teachers. In these times of additional anxiety and stress for families and kids, we know that this will be far more important than any learning that might be missed.

So while there are many, many unknowns about this global crisis that we are all involved in, it is also a time of global solidarity. Here are a couple of things that I know that should give us all some comfort as we move forward together.

I know that the Carlton PS community is a particularly resilient one, one that supports individuals and families to get through difficult times.

I also know that the staff here are an exceptionally skilled, committed and compassionate team who care deeply about your kids and who will be working hard during the coming weeks and months to stay connected with them.

I have no doubt that with these factors working in our favour, that we will get through these challenging times and I very much look forward the future when we can all gather again and celebrate the great work that we do together.

Until then, stay safe and well and keep in touch with us via Seesaw.

Julie Large

Principal, Carlton Primary School