We have three Learning Areas at Carlton Primary: Princes; Drummond; and Rathdowne. Here are some examples of the great work happening across the learning areas, as well as some whole of school activities. Click on descriptions to skip to each item, or scroll on through.

Carlton Primary’s Got Talent was open to all students, and a select group opted to perform, the rest of us were a very enthusiastic audience. Read more to hear from the children and see some photos.

Princes Learning Area visits Bundoora Park Farm – more here.

Grade 5/6 explored some quotes from famous people, then came up with their own, have a look at a video of them explaining the thought behind their quotes.

Have a look at some of the work from Princes Learning Area’s poetry and art unit.

The whole school headed to La Mama for Carlton Primary’s Got Talent!

“On Friday we went to La Mama Theatre. We sat and they started the performance. Anugraha was playing the piano. Rishona and Nidhi were doing magic. Yousuf and Mohamed were dancing, it was really cool. Ifinan was doing karate dancing and broke a block of wood in half.”

Pavan, grade 1.

“My brain exploded with dance moves! When we got to La Mama theatre I was so nervous but Anugraha went first and played the National Anthem on the piano. She played the piano so well. I liked Rishona and Nidhi’s magic show! Then I danced. I did lots of flips and floor dancing. Then Hanin sang ‘Fight Song’!”

Judah, grade 1.

“We all went to La Mama theatre it was so exciting! I had fun watching all the performances. My favourite part of the performance was Hanin singing. She was very beautiful at singing. The theatre was amazing!”

Maryan, grade 1.

“On Friday it was Carlton’s Got Talent! First our class walked to La Mama theatre. Anybody who was in the performance stayed outside with the other teachers. The first person to perform was Anugraha, she was on the keyboard playing the Australian Anthem. Next it was Judah dancing. Afterwards it was Elyas, Muktah and Aamer, they did a rap by Dean Squad. It was hilarious! Eventually it was Tynesha’s turn. She was hula hooping, it was really cool!”

Qali, grade 2.

This video shows Grade 5/6 explaining the quotes they have written.


Princes Learning Area, grade prep/1 classes, went to Bundoora Park Farm for a fantastic excursion. The children were delighted to see a working farm, to meet farmers and animals, as well as making (and eating!) scones. What a day!


Princes Learning Area, grade prep/1 classes, recently had a poetry unit. They wrote self referential poems, and created beautiful artworks to accompany the poems.