Our school newsletters go out fortnightly, some classes also have class newsletter each term. Here are the most recent newsletters:

Newsletter December 14th

Newsletter Dec 6th 2018

Newsletter November 8th 2018

Newsletter October 25th 2018

Newsletter Aug 30th 2018

NewsletterAugust 16th 2018

Newsletter: Aug 2nd 2018

Newsletter: June 21st 2018

Newsletter: June 5th 2018

Newsletter: May 23rd 2018

Newsletter May 10th 2018

Newsletter: April 26th 2018

Newsletter March 28th 2018

Newsletter: March 15th 2018

Newsletter: March 1st 2018

Newsletter: February 15 2018

Other information is sent home daily to parents via SeeSaw. Parents are encouraged to sign up to SeeSaw so they can see the daily action in their child’s classroom.