09 Aug

The Carlton Farmers’ Market is held on the first Saturday of each month between 8am and 1pm at Carlton Primary School. There is always lots of delicious food available include sambusa, fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee, bread and eggs. Kingston, in Grade 2/3, says that he likes coming to the market because “…there are yummy smells and good things to eat like honey lollipops.” Kingston and his family have been volunteering at the market since it began nearly two years ago. They volunteer on behalf of the school to help raise money for extra resources such as bike racks, computers and IPads. All the students at our school benefit from these resources. On behalf of the whole school community, we would like to thank Rebecca, Paul, Kingtson and Aubrey for their support. We would also like to thank Simon (also in Grade 2/3) and his older brother Jack as well as his mother Maggie for their continued dedication and support at the market. If you are interested in helping at the Farmers’ Market please talk to Anna. She is available to give out more information on Wednesdays after school or can be contacted at baker.anna.a@edumail.vic.gov.au. It really is a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning and we greatly appreciate your help.

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